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Question: read the following articles fortune online article the realworld skills...

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Read the following Articles:

Fortune online article “The Real-World Skills New College Grads Need Most in 2016.”

Forbes online article “These are the Skills Bosses Say New College Grads Do Not Have.”

Find an ad/description of a job you aspire to after graduation (you can use sites like Indeed.com, jobdescriptions.net, monster.com, etc.). Note soft skills required for this job. Based on this information and what you read in the article, list the three top soft skills you’d like to improve so as to make yourself more desirable to prospective employers by the time you graduate and provide a plan of action on how you will achieve this. When preparing your discussion post, think about the following points:

  • Specific examples of how you can highlight your soft skills on your resume, even if you do not have substantial work experience.
  • How can you ensure that a letter or recommendation (from professors or other references) could ensure that you soft skills are highlighted
  • Strategies for highlighting your soft skills when interviewing for a position

When responding to classmates’ posts provide feedback on their plan of action and suggestions of other things they can do to improve their soft skills and highlight them to potential employers.

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