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  3. read the mergers and acquisitions section of chapter 5 carefully...

Question: read the mergers and acquisitions section of chapter 5 carefully...

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Read the mergers and acquisitions section of chapter #5 carefully. After reading this please read the Oregonian article attached below.   Using the textbook and other sources you may need answer the following questions by uploading a file with responses to the following questions. Please be prepared to discuss this in class on Friday.

  1. Are Willamette and Weyerhauser public (open) corporations or private (closed) corporations.
  2. Why is the corporate form of business organization best for these firms, rather than a proprietorship?

  3. Why does Weyerhauser want to buy Willamette Industries?

  4. What type of merger is this?

  5. How might the board of directors for each company be involved in this process?

  6. What must Weyerhauser do to complete the purchase of Willamette?

  7. Who at Weyerhauser would decide to raise the offer price of Willamette stock?

  8. Describe some of the largest owners of Willamette Industries stock (consider material from chapter 20).

  9. Some of the major owners of Willamette are listed as institutional investors. Describe what an institutional investor is. (This make take some research).

  10. For 3 extra credit points, do some research and provide a summary of how this "battle of the board rooms" ended. Provide some detail.
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