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Question: read the paragraph below and tell me what the structure...

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Read the paragraph below and tell me what the structure and language of the mode of discourse, quoting specifically as you read.


Another major aspect of being a parent is medical awareness. While a parent is often a professional, most parents are not medical specialists. Nevertheless, parents are required to have a degree of understanding of medications, allergies, prescriptions, dosages, side effects and specialist terms. These are but examples of what medical awareness constitutes. There are few workshops or educational drives directed toward educating parents about the medical field specifically toward optimizing the responsibilities embedded in this role. Yet, Noll et al. reveal a marked difference between parents' self appraisal of their medical knowledge and the objective reality (793). Hence, this part of parenting, medical awareness, is clearly necessary, while contemporary parents with higher levels of education and extensive access in this the information age are still developing this aspect of their role.  

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