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Reconsider the pipeline in Problem 3, but now with a pump installed in Pipe 3 in order to lift water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir. Three points on the pump characteristic curve are provided in the table below. Derive the equation defining the pump characteristic curve, and compute the discharge in the pipeline (m3/s).

Consider a pipeline consisting of three pipes in series connecting two reservoirs as shown below. Data for the three pipes, and elevations of the junction nodes, and water surface elevations in the reservoirs are provided in the tables below. Assume a friction factor of 0.02 for each pipe. Compute the discharge in the pipeline (m3/s) and the pressure at each pipe junction (kPa).

Pipe Length (m) Diameter (cm)
1 2,000 45
2 4,000 35
3 2,500 45
Node Elevation (m)
ELEV1 290
ELEV2 280
Ep (m) Q (m3/s)
80 0
70 0.3
45 0.6

Pipe 1 WSELA Pipe 2 Pipe 3 ELEVI ELEV2

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