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Refer to below figure for rigid foundation. Given B = 1.5m, L-2.25m, D 1.25m, H- 4.5m, E 14000 KN /m2, μ.-04 and increase pressure on the foundation ΔσΖ-200KN/m2 s, s/1-1 cmRn Foundation loundaon settlement Flexible foundation seulement H Poissons atio E modulus of elasicity Soul Rock a. Calculating elastic settlement of soil under the rigid foundation b. The properties of clay: eo 0.8, e 0.75, G, 2.75, LL50. Estimate the primary consolidation settlement of the clay layer, if the pre-consolidation pressure is ơ-50 kN/m2 Sc c. Determine time to finish primary consolidation settlement. If time of primary consolidation of a specimen with diameter of 63.5mm and height of 25.4mm was tested in laboratory 0,25 days in one-way drainage

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