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Question: referring to figure 51 on page 83 explain how creating...

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Referring to Figure 5-1 on page 83, explain how creating continuous flow reduces waste.

Chapter 5. Create Connected Process Flow 83 tools must be applied to provide the necessary structure to ensure success rather than failure. The lean tools can help by providing both support systems and con- trol methods to react appropriately to the problems that surface. Philosophy Waste Elimination Performance Measure Reduced Lead Time Principle Create Continuous Process Flow Strategy Create Interdependent Connected Processes Result Waste Is Reduced! Lean Tools Kanban, Supermarkets, Defined FIFO Lanes Method Pull System Reason Problems Are Surfaced Quickly and Are Critical Control Method Effect Utilize Visual Controls SoProblems Must Be That No Problems Are Corrected Quickly Hidden Figure 5-1. Waste reduction model Less Is More: Reduce Waste by Controlling Overproduction In a true one-piece flow, each operation only builds what the next operation needs. If the next operation gets backed up for some reason, then preceding

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