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The unadjusted trial balance of The Rock Industries Ltd. at January 31, 2017, appears LEARNING Prepare an a and the fina The The Rock Industries Ltd Trial Balance January 31, 2017 S 8,000 10,000 3,000 2,000 36,000 Accounts receivable rent lated depreciation $ 3,000 10,000 Account-Payable able 10 Share ca 11 Reained earnings (December 31, 2016) 12 Dividends 13 Service revenue 4 Salary expense 15 Rent expense s Uhilities expense 17 Depreciation expense s Supplies expense 26,000 13,000 4,000 2000 1,000 14,000 o19 Total $66,000S 66,000 ons 20 bass djusment data: es an a.Acrued service revenue at January 31, $2,000 Perad ent expired during the month. The unadjusted prepaid balance of $3,000 relates the period January through March used d uring January dOpreciaion on furniture for the month. The estimated useful life of the furniture is threei years. t Acrued salary expense at January 31 for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The five-day Btekly payroll of $5,000 will be paid on Friday, February 2 ents L Uineg Exhbit 3-4, page 126, as an example, prepare the adjusted trial balance of The Rock 2 diustries Ltd at January 31,2017. Key each adjusting entry by letter. Ptpare the income statement, the statement of retained earnings, and the classified bal- e shee Draw arrows linking the three financial statements Requirement 2 please
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