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Resistor Battery Air 25 C V 24 V Lead wire a) Consider the resistor as a system about which a control surface is placed and Equation 1.11c is applied. Determine the corresponding values of EW). Ew), vu(W), and E(W). If a control surface is placed about the entire system, what are the values of Eand E? 1.34 An electrical resistor is connected to a battery, as (b) If electrical energy is dissipated uniformly within the shown schematically. After a brief transient, the resistor assumes a nearly uniform, steady-state temperature of 95°C, while the battery and lead wires remain at the ambient temperature of 25°C. Neglect the electrical re(c) Neglecting radiation from the resistor, what is the sistance of the lead wires resistor, which is a cylinder of diameter D-60 mm and length L = 250 mm, what is the volumetric heat generation rate, (W/m) convection coefficient?

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