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Question: respiratory assignment this patient is a 75 year old male...

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Respiratory Assignment This patient is a 75 year old male with a history of emphysema, coronary artery disease and benign prostatic hypertrophy. His BPH was treated with a TURP three years ago. He had a triple CABG two years ago. Patient reports smoking 2 packs per day until 2 years ago. He has been oxygen dependent for the last two months. He was admitted for an episode of vertigo which caused him to fall. His son brought him to the Emergency Department when he developed paresthesia on the left side and his speech became slurred. He also demonstrated dysphagia and incontinence of urine. These symptoms resolved before they arrived at the Emergency Department. He has had no history of headaches but continues to have dizziness. Patient was admitted and experienced a right-sided CVA the following morning. Intravenous thrombolytic therapy was administered immediately, but the patient remains with a left hemiparesis. The patient demonstrates a minimal amount of ataxia on walking, but there are not other neurologic findings. The neurologist ordered and reviewed CT scans of the head and intracranial MRIs. Cerebral hemorrhage was ruled out. Laboratory findings included mild hypercholesterolemia. CXR revealed hyperinflation. There is no evidence of peripheral edema or abdominal distention. Describe the condition of the patient including comorbidities and present/current symptoms.

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