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Review Financial Literacy Activity 4 from page 28 of the study guide. Phil has not filled out all the information in his check registry for the Calculate the balance in the check registry and use that information to answer the questions 28. first half of July. below Balance NumberDate Description PaymentDeposit 1-July Paycheck S1,200.00 S1,200.00 Deposit S200.00 2-July Deposit 6-July Gas $20.00 $1,350.00 Debit6-July Coffee S10.00 $1,340.00 shop 507 10-July Youton $67.22 $1,272.78 Gas and Electric ATM | 12-July | ATM IS 120.00 Withdraw al 510 14-July Car S221.25 Payment EFT 17-July Cable & S110.00 Internet Service A. What should be the total amount of deposits in Phils check register? B. What is the balance in Phils account as of July 17th ? what could happen if Phil does not know how much is in his bank account at the end of July? C.
Financial Literacy Activity 4 One way to help you achieve your financial goals is to know how you are spending wou If you have a checking account, its important to keep your check register up toateAt contains information about the money going in and out of your account: deposits, gister expenses, including where or what for. Review Cassidys check register and answer that follow. Check your answers in the back of the study guide. Used with pcamission Number Date Description PaymentDeposit 500.00 2-Jan Deposit 6-Jan Paycheck deposit 7-Jan Gem Grocery 8-Jan Gas 11-Jan Taco Diner 3,975.00 $ 447500 $ 134.59 42.00 7.87 $ 4 34041 $ 4,298.41 S 4,29054 $ 423744 $ 4,157.44 $ 4,121.44 $ 4,086.44 $ 3,99744 S 3,740.10 $ 3,698.10 $ 3,673.10 401 Debit Debit 402 13-Jan Youton Gas and Electric 53.10 14-Jan ATM Withdrawal 16-Jan Hair cut 19-Jan Doctor visit copay S 80.00 $36.00 S35.00 ATM Debit 404 20-Jan Cable and Internet service 89.00 $257.34 S42.00 $ 25.00 $ 256.91 $20.00 1,200.00 40521-Jan Gem Grocery 22-Jan Gas 24-Jan Literacy Fundraiser 28-Jan Car payment 29-Jan Prescription copay 31-Jan Mortgage Debit 406 407 408 409 3,416.19 $ 3,396.19 $ 2,196.19 A. What was the total amount of deposits in Cassidys check register? B. What was the largest check that Cassidy wrote? What was the payment for? B. what were Cassidys three largest expenses? D. What is Cassidys discretionary income?
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