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Review Questions 1. An area with a great number of fine touch receptors is the upper lip. What can you predict about the ability of the upper lip to dis- tinguish two points? 2. Cool receptors in the skin are activated between 120 and 35° C. Warm receptors are activated between 25° and 45 C. When the temperature is below 120 C or above 45° C, pain receptors in the skin are activated. You or your lab partner may have had an experience with very cold conditions, such as when cleaning out a freezer or holding an ice cube. What perception is sensed? 295
3. Adaptation is important to sensory stimulation. We are bombarded with stimuli during most of the day, and much of what we sense is filtered from conscious thought. How is adaptation used by pickpockets? 4. In terms of receptor density, describe why it is difficult to find the same location on the forearm when closed. 5. In regard to sense organs, what is punctate distribution? 6. In reference to the sense organs, what is a mòdality? 7. What types of receptors are sensitive to The following modalities? d. sound e. smell a. light b, touch e. temperature
8. What type of receptor is responsive to extremely hot sensations? 9. Tactile corpuscles respond to what type of sensation? 10. What type of receptor determines the weight of an object when you pick it up? 11. Which type of receptor (toni/phasic) adapts to light in a darkened movie theater? 12. When you drink a burning hot liquid, the chest pain felt in the region of the stermum does not really occur there. W type of pain called?
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