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Question: review the comma rules c5 through c7 in appendix a...

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Review the comma rules C5 through C7 in Appendix A. Then rewrite each sentence to add commas where needed.

  1. To utilize big data companies should hire data scientists.
  2. You should consider hiring professionals trained in statistics social media analytics and management theory.
  3. She is the first competent data scientists we’ve hired since starting this important expensive initiative.
  4. Under her leadership our company has increased revenue because of our focus on big data.
  5. By hiring the right data scientists companies can make better use of marketing resources and target the right customers.
  6. Using this software will help us identify expertise among employees evaluate which employees require training and predict which employees are likely to leave the firm within two years and take their knowledge with them.
  7. The business school now offers a valuable exciting major in data analytic.
  8. To qualify for the program you must hold a 3.0 GPA.
  9. You must hold a 3.0 GPA to qualify for the program.
  10. Under the leadership of a new dean the program grew rapidly.”
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