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RI 4-.d 73% 3:14 PM X Question 冂+ Problem 4. Hydraulic System Conīder the two-tank liquid-๒rl system shown in the figure below. Thr liqud is pumped into tanks 1 and 2 throagh valves of line stanos R and R3, rspectively. The peessure of the Buid increases by Ap when croing the pump. The cross-sectional arens of the two taaks are As and A respectively. The liqud Bows from tank 1 tottak 2 through a valve of liseur rmitaอเ, R, and knees taak 2 thrusah a ush of linear restance R. density ρ of the liquid is ex taat Drive the ddrntial eywtí as in terim of the liquid brights hi ind he, write the equati as in second rdr matrix fona
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