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Question: run this example which illustrates unit testing using pythons unittest...

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Run this example which illustrates unit testing using python's unittest module. Correct the problems with the code.

Suppose that valid email addresses need to the follow these rules:

- the address must contain one and only one @ character

- the string following the @ character MUST be abcSteel.com

- the string preceding the @ character must contain ONLY letters and optionally one period. It must be at least one letter.

filename: modValidateEmail.py

def isValidEmail(email):
if email.count('@') != 1: #email address MUST aheve exactly one @ character
return False
tmpList = email.split('@') #create a list of 2 strings(username and mandated company name
if len(tmpList) == 2: #there must be a username AND a company name
return False

userName = tmpList[0]
for c in userName:
if not c.isalpha() and c!='.':
return False
if inst !='abcSteel.com':
return False

#filename: UnitTestvalidEmail.py from unittest import * from modValidateEmail import* class TestvalidEmail(TestCase): #create a subclass of unittests TestCase def testUserName(self): self.assertEqual ),False) ),False) self.assertEqual (is ),False) def testOneAmpersand(self): self.assertEqual(is ValidEmail(jim.), False) self.assertEqual (isValidEmail(jim@), False) def testCompany(self) ), False) self.assertEqual(isValidEmail(jim.smith@abcStreel_com),False) def testGoodEmail(self): ),True) ), True) ),True) #main #unittest.ma.n() suite = TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(TestvalidEmail) TextTestRunner(verbosity-2).run(suite) unittest

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