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s ratio of the magnitude of the forces during the The ratie of impus cad the cefcest of a) Per fectly Plasti, and remain together afees y Perfectly Plastie so objects rebound aftee Pen fectly Elastic, and remain together ofter Perfectty Elastic so objects rebind after 7. The ratio of impulses called the coeefficient of impact. If e 1 its called: is ratio of the magitude of the forces during the a) Perfectly Plastic,and remain together after b) Perfectly Plastic so objects rebound after Perfectly Elastic,and remain together after d) Perfectly Elastic se objects rebound after ให best formula that represests the colli ion in direr ibow-in arfors, ewide ring the sign, Ir censervatios of Momentum, is: (A is the bal le a study of the effects of an accident on simelated ccupants the 12kg car with velocity 405mis collides wih the 14 kg car with velecity 8-02ms The cfct of os of the impact ise I. Determine the velocity of car A and car B afher the impact VA-025 and va-645 m/s VA-0.25 m/s and VB 0.45m/ dVt and VBare equals in magnit 9. ls the case showing is the pictare, the grandother og travls & the eguation to determise the speed of grandmotber and child afher impact and catches a 40 kg child. Determine
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