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s uw au oall to × O Majd Almohandis T × | ⓜ Week 1 Homework Ou, x d d Fall 2018 Week 1 Home x Fas 2018 week 1 my.sharepoint.com/:w:/r/personal/vlbrown-widener-edu/Jayouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc-%7B682 a04-3c Fall 2018 Week 1 Homework Quiz Accessibility Mode Immersive Reader Open inv CE 334- Homework Quiz #1 Name: 23. What is the cracking moment for the beam cross section shown? The beam is made from normal weight concrete with 28 day strength f 5000 psi. d:30 h-34 6#9bars 24, what is the diameter of a #6 bar? b-16 25. What does the reinforcing steel grade represent (i.e. what does the 60 in Grade 60 rebar mean)?
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