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s20 608 the end of each year r over its five-year life. In addition to the $20608 cash flow from tions during the fifth and final year, there will be an additional cash flow of $13 200 at the end of the fifth year associated with the salvage value of the system, making the cash fow in yeat 5 cqual to $33 808. Thus, the cash flows associated with this project can be summarised as follows: YEAR CASH FLOW -$54 200 20608 20608 20608 20608 33808 Given a required rate of return of 15%, calculate the following: (a) Payback period (b) Discounted payback period (c) Net present value d) Profitability index (e) Internal rate of return Should this project be accepted?
ST-I In 2010, Caltec Enterprises was considering the acc acquisition of a new conveyor belt st ans. The system required an initial outay f $54200 n Year 0 and had an c or exrpected life of five years The conveyor belt system was expected to reduce the firms material handling costs
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