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Question: save homework ch 11 homework score 217 of 7 pts...

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Save Homework: Ch 11 Homework Score: 2.17 of 7 pts & P11-27A (similar to) | 2 of 2 (2 complete) ▼ HW Score: 18.75%, 2.81 of 15 pts E Question Help The following transactions of Buftalo Pharmacies occurred during 2015 and 2016 (Click the icon to view the transactions ) Jounalize the transactions in Burtalos general journal. Explanations are not required. (Record deb 0 More Info Accounts and Explanation Debit CreditT 2015 lan 9 Purchased computer equipment at a cost or $14,000, signing a six month, 7% note Date 54,855 18 285 2015 Accounts Receivable payable for that amount Jan. 29 Cash 29 Recorded the weeks sales of S69,000, three fourths on credit and one-tourth for cash 69.000 Sales amounts are subject to a 6% state sales tax. Ignore cost of goods sold Sales Revenue Feb. 5 Sent the last weeks sales tax to the state Jul 9 Paid the six-month, 7% note, plus interest at maturity. Aug. 31 Purchased merchandise inventory for s3000, signing a six-month, 10% note payable. The Sales Tax Payabie 4140F Feb. 5, 2015: Sent the last weeks sales tax to the state company uses the perpetual inventory system Accounts and Explanation Debit Credit Dec. 31 Accrued warranty expense, which is estimated at 3% of sales or s609000 Date 2015 Feb 5 4.140 31 Accrued interest on all outstanding notes payable Sales Tax Payable 2016 | Feb. 29 Paid the six-month 10% note, plus interest at maturity 4.140 Cash Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer Print Done parts remaining 832 AM 무

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