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Scenario 1: A human skin cell is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The cell begins to divide rapidly and the resulting daughter cells become a melanoma (skin cancer). Scenario 2: Goldenrod (genus Solidago, a plant) is attacked by a fly species (genus Eurosta). The fly lays eggs on the stem of the goldenrod. The egg or the parent fly one or the other) stimulates the goldenrod stem to grow abnormally to form a gall* The gall is a spherical region of the stem (wider than the stem above and below it) containing a chamber in which the fly larva receives shelter and nutrition after it hatches out of the egg.
6. Different species of Eurosta flies attack different goldenrod species. Each of them has a specialized biochemistry that allows it to cause galls to form efficiently on a particular goldenrod species. When individuals of two different fly species mate they produce very few fertilized eggs. Explain why this might be happening
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