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Question: scenario 1 david is having a hard time finding research...

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Scenario #1

David is having a hard time finding research studies for nursing term paper. He is attempting to write an essay on the correlation between alcohol consumption and liver failure, but there is very little research in that academic field. Over the course of the semester, David's professor has been very clear that the class can only use peer reviewed journal articles or research studies when citing material. However, David has been unable to find any. It is too late in the semester for David to change his topic and he does not want to fail the assignment as it is worth 15% of his final grade. To complete his paper, David is considering writing the essay using his personal opinions on the topic and then citing himself.

Is David engaging in academically unacceptable behavior?

a. No, because he is using his own thoughts and ideas which are his own intellectual property

b. No, because David is planning on properly citing himself

c. Yes, because David is not an expert in this field (e.g., he has done no research on the topic and his opinions have not been published in any academic journal articles).

d. Yes, because David is an illegitimate source

e. Both C and D are correct

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