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Scenario 1  

Oscar (3yrs) and Bonnie (5yrs) are both in the bathroom before lunchtime.  Bonnie returns to the room and calls out to you.  “Oscar needs help, he had an accident”. You enter the bathroom area and Oscar is standing crying with his pants and underwear at his knees and you can see and smell that he has soiled his pants. Oscar is hiding his face and saying “go away, go away!” 

How do you respond to Oscar?  How do you ensure his privacy and maintain his self-esteem? What hygiene practice would be needed? What would you say to Bonnie? Provide a detailed response.

Consider the Code of Ethics & Rights of the child. (which articles relate and guide your practices)


Scenario 2

Benjamin (4yrs) has never been in care before.  He started in your room only last week and attends 3 full days per week as his mum has just started a part time job. He arrives each day at around 8.25am with his dad Steven and he is very hesitant when coming into the service from the car. He often cries and hides behind his dad’s legs as he is signing Benjamin in and grabs on tightly to his pants. Steven appears ready to leave after putting Benjamin’s bag away and says good bye to him a couple of times but does not leave staying there holding onto his hand.

How would you support both Benjamin and his father Steven to make this transition into care less stressful?

Consider the signs of distress the child is displaying and how you can involve his dad in developing a departure ritual to support a relaxed and unhurried separation. (You may need to refer to handouts from class.)

Scenario 3

You service is a ‘Sunsmart’ centre and has a ‘no hat – no play’ policy. The children in your room are preparing to go outside but some children are refusing to put on their hats and sunscreen. When you question them, you discover that one of them, Blair (4yrs) has lost his hat, but was too embarrassed to tell anyone. He says he wants to go out and play with his friends and bursts into tears.

How do you respond to Blair and the other children? How do you explain the importance of being sun smart and the need for appropriate clothing to protect ourselves when playing outside?  What are the benefits for children (Consider Sunsmart recommendations and service policies.) http://www.sunsmart.com.au/

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