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Scenario #1:

You are a manager of a company that has recently purchased a smaller company. The purchased company has an existing product, which will now be part of your product offering. The product is a weight-loss supplement called Weight Loss Optimizer. The product has been very successful for the previous owner, but the company had limited ability to adjust its manufacturing system to accommodate growth, as well as a limited potential sales audience. Your role is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of launching the product from the newly acquired company. You have a far greater manufacturing capacity and more potential customers readily available because you already sell several weight-loss related products to a large base of customers.

Weight Loss Optimizer has been proven successful by a research study. The study consisted of 100 participants, 90% of whom lost at least 15 pounds over a reasonable time period. To date, the study participants have successfully maintained their weight loss by continuing to use the product. Of the users, 80% were able to maintain their weight loss with continued use of Weight Loss Optimizer. The 10% of study participants who were not successful may have been unsuccessful because they did not follow the program’s protocol as set forth. An inherent risk in a weight loss product is the inability to determine if the product has failed to produce results or if the user has not followed directions. Dissatisfied customers present a challenge as a result.

Your success relies upon your external business partner, Pills Inc., who manufactures the pill casing for the Weight Loss Optimizer. You will need to work closely with this partner to ensure your manufacturing operation is able to increase as needed in a just-in-time environment to meet sales demands. Your contact’s name at Pills Inc. is Susan Jones.

You have received a customer complaint via the company’s social media page. The customer’s complaint is as follows: “Weight Loss Optimizer does not work! I’ve been using this for a week, and I haven’t lost anything! No one should buy this product!”

F. Develop a response to the customer from the scenario who posted a complaint about the product to the company's social media page.

1. Discuss the necessary steps to resolve the conflict.

2. Discuss your resolution offer to the customer.

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