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A site in the local shopping centre has become vacant.

The centre management has announced a unique opportunity for prospective storeowners – a chance to secure the store by submitting a business plan.

As a young entrepreneur, you have decided that now is the perfect time for you to put

into practice all of the knowledge and skills developed in your study of business and

write a business plan.


You will need to provide relevant detail under the following Sub headings in your Business Plan:


       Title Page

       Business Description and Ownership (Business name , Legal structure, Vision,)

       Purpose of the plan and Situational analysis (including SWOT analysis)

       Objectives (Business goals)

Business sections 

       Operations (How the business will be run)

       Market analysis and Marketing strategies

o   Target market

o   Competition (How will you maintain a sustainable competitive advantage?)

o   Marketing Strategies

       Financial requirements

o   Establishment Costs (costs to start the business)

o   Outline of ongoing costs and expected income

o   Details of a probable cash flow (Cash flow report)

o   Basis of product costs and mark ups (how much you will charge for products and why)

       Employment relations requirements (Human Resource)

o   Staffing Needs (how many staff you will need as well as what their job descriptions are)

o   Training of staff

o   Skills / knowledge of management


       Conclusion/Summary: Benefits of your store to the shopping centre.



Your business can be in any field. This assignment must be in REPORT format. This means the use of Sub headings, text, tables, and diagrams where appropriate. The word limit is 1500- 2000 words +/- 10%.

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