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Scenario: An Ethical Dilemma Last year you and six other silent partners pooled together $100,000 each to purchase an automobile repair facility named Super Auto Repair Facilities (locally called/branded the SARFP) in Highland Heights, Kentucky. Of the $800,000 raised, you spent $400,000 for the building, the grounds, the equipment and the good will of its brand. All seven partners are equal owners, but they made you and your partner onsite Chief Operating Officers (CO0) to fully manage the company. You are paid an annual salary plus a bonus, and all partners receive equal distributions from any annual profit. As of this moment in time, the SARF has $400,000 in reserves and it projects a profit of $80,000 for this year As you arrived to work this morning, an employee (who happens to be a relative of one of your partners) privately informed you of the following: The weekend mechanics and other employees have been regularly dumping used oil, gas, and other flammable liquids down a sewer drain at the back of the SARFS property. They were quickly cleaning the facility so they could speedily go home after work on Saturday night. The SARF has EPA approved recyclable storage drums, but al the weekend employees chose to use the communitys sewer system. They have been dumping the flammable liquids down the sewer drain for the past month. Today is Monday, and last night there was a major house fire 1000 feet from the SARF The morning TV news story indicated that the authorities suspect that the house was probably being used as a meth lab by a local crime group. However, in addition to the meth lab house, two other adjacent houses suffered damages in excess of $100,000 each. In all, the news reporter said that the Fire Marshall estimated that damages total $300,000. The Fire Marshall was astounded and perplexed at the origin of the adjacent homes fires which seemed to have started in their basements. Two blocks away from the SARF is an industrial chemical company which was cited last month by State OSHA officials for violating several safety and health laws, including the dumping of waste products down their sewer line. The Federal EPA was also called in, but their report is still in the investigative stage. You know that both SARFs and this chemical companys sewer lines can connect the meth lab house. The SARFs liability insurance tops out at $100,000/year with a $20,000 deductible/ year MacBook Air
purses/20073/quizzes/55457/take State which ethical rule(s) apply to this situation and explain why each one does. If no ethical rules apply, explain why not. (6 Points) Teacher comment: You and your co-director partner may see things differently. If so, talk them out. Jointly review the message in the Rules and collaborate as if you are in a real-life situation. HTML Editor ム 三 Paragraph 0 words MacBook Air
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