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At the last staff meeting at the early childhood service where you work, the staff were told the exciting news that the service has received a community grant. Many ideas about where to allocate the money were suggested by staff as everyone excitedly discussed the options.

You put forward the view that the service should expand the range of creative activities available for the children and suggested that some of the money be spent on a new multi-purpose, open-ended activity area. The other staff are interested in your idea and want to see more details.

The director of the service has asked you to put together a proposal explaining and illustrating your idea. She is particularly interested in creating something sustainable, using recycled materials where possible, and that promotes these practices to the children in the service.

With this scenario in mind, create the kind of proposal that you might present to the service director.

Your proposal must include:

a)      A list of three (3) behaviours that you have observed and evaluated in the children at the service that supports the need for this activity area. Include the age and brief information on the stage of development of these children. You can use examples from your workplace or experience, or create fictional examples.

b)      A brief discussion of the educational and developmental benefits of open-ended creative play, including references to reputable sources.



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