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Question: scenario ohn is a 85 year old male who has...

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  • O.H.N. is a 85 year old male who has been diagnosed with the following health conditions:
    • Diabetes (diagnosed since 68 years old)
    • Hypertension (diagnosed since 50 years old)
    • High Cholesterol (diagnosed since 65 years old)
    • Obesity (diagnosed since 65 years old)
    • Gum Disease (diagnosed since 55 years old)
  • The following medications have been prescribed:
    • Tanzieum – taken once weekly
    • Crestor
    • HCTZ
    • Lasix
    • Lisinopril
  • O.H.N. often has dry mouth which affects the way food tastes and his bridge fits his mouth.
  • O.H.N. is living in a low-income seniors’ apartment in the community.
  • O.H.N. has Medicare and Medicaid for his insurances.
  • O.H.N. has meals delivered through Meals on Wheels, based upon recommendations from the registered dietitian.
  • O.H.N. has three children who take him out to dinner occasionally (birthdays/holidays).

O.H.N. has mints in his pocket which he takes often when his mouth is too dry and also often drinks carbonated beverages to keep his mouth moist

  1. What processes or procedures are necessary to safeguard O.H.N. from experiencing an adverse effects related to his oral health and nutrition? (Note: Think Interagency – Team-based approach).
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