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Question: scenario you lie down in bed after a long study...

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  1. Scenario: You lie down in bed after a long study session. At first, you close your eyes and begin to feel relaxed. Suddenly, your thoughts are consumed by trying to remember a difficult you studied. Eventually, you close your eyes again and focus on your breathing to relax. Finally, drowsiness kicks in and you fall asleep. You sleep, uninterrupted, for 8 hours.

Beginning at the point you laid down and ending when you wake up after 8 hours, describe what EEG records would have shown and what would have been going on in your body/brain. Please include:

-Characteristic wave rhythms and frequencies for all states

-Estimated frequency and general characteristics of sleep cycles you experience

-Detailed description of one sleep cycle

-(When applicable) Corresponding physical characteristics, biological features, brain activity, etc. which may be observed at different points

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