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Question: scenario your family is about to plan a big vacation...

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scenario: Your family is about to plan a big vacation. Mom can only take off for 8 business days. Dad says he wants to go to at least 2 locations of interest. Assume I (as the Mom) have the decision making powers.

PS is:

      Agenda- Big Vacation
Parties Involved- Mom, dad and assuming one child
Holidays Availability for Mom- 8 days
Dad’s point of interest- 2 locations of his choice

Decision making power- With Mom

Thus, task is to plan a vacation lasting 8 business days with a choice of 2 locations of my husband.

Goals - Planning of this vacation according to the above terms and executing it.

Deadlines: The whole vacation can’t be exceeded more than 8 business days.

Costs: Budget is not given. Thus, assuming $XYZ amount.

Top 3risks:
1. 8 business days might be a small time for a big leisure family vacation and husband’s 2 choices of places may make it even smaller.

2. If I skip my husband’s suggestion and go the vacation my way, but it won’t lead to happiness of all.

3. Even if I skip my husband’s suggestion and keep the vacation my way, there is a big chance of me not getting a lot of places to see which I wish because of the 8 days constrain.

1. Discuss the purpose and the importance of a Project Charter.

2. Create a Project Charter for your previous scenario that you choose and define what sections should be included.

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