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Scientific Method Assignment Objective: Through the completion of this assignment students will: Identify the steps of the scientific method Questions: Each question response should be typed and submitted through Canvas by the due date. This assignment is worth 22 points. The breakdown of points is identified within each question. All responses must be in complete sentences to receive full credit. 1. Suppose you work for a Blabbit Labs, the developer of many different pharmaceutical products. Your research division has stumbled across a new drug that you believe cures male pattern baldness. Before you can start selling the drug, you must demonstrate to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that the drug is effective. la. What is the question being asked? (1 pt) 1b. What is the hypothesis? (1 pt) 2. You design an experiment with 500 men who have been diagnosed with male pattern baldness. They are divided up into two groups, group A men receiving the drug while group B men receive a placebo, a drug that is known not to effect baldness. The drug is referred to as the experimental variable, since this is what is being tested. As a hint, the hypothesis will usually identify the experimental variable of a study In this study, the men receive the drug or a placebo once a day. All of the men will have the number of hairs per square inch of scalp measured in a clinic once per week. The number of hairs per square inch will be the dependent variable since this variable depends on the effectiveness of the experimental variable. The dependent variable is also what we use to determine if the experimental variable is actually acting according to the hypothesis and the data collected will usually tell what the dependent variable is. Men in group A belong to the experimental group, since they received the experimental variable. Men in group B belong to the control group. The control group is important since it gives the researchers something to compare the experimental group to. For instance, if the men in the experimental group were shown to have hair growth, then that would indicate that the hypothesis was supported and the drug grows more hair. However, if the control group also grew hair, then something in the environment besides the drug was responsible for hair growth. 2a. Define dependent and experimental variables? (2 pts) 2b. Compare and contrast the experimental and control group.(4 pts)
3. A scientist observed that white mice that were fed seeds appeared to grow more than mice given leafy green and yellow vegetables. The scientist hypothesized that the protein in the seed was responsible for the growth. He designed an experiment to test his hypothesis. He divided 200 mice of the same age, size, health, and sex into two groups of 100 mice each. The mice were kept under identical conditions for fourteen days. One group was given a diet low in protein. The other group was given a normal protein diet. The mass of each mouse was recorded daily for fourteen days. a. Which group of mice served as a control group? (1 pt) b. What was the variable? (1 pt) c. What elements were controlled? (ist four) (4 pts) d. What effect of a protein diet was tested? (1 pt) e. What other effects of a protein diet could have been tested? (provide at least two -2 pts) f. Why were large numbers of mice used in the experiment? (2 pts) g. If the results of the experiment do not show a marked change between the two groups, what should the scientist do next? (1 pts) h. Given the scientists hypothesis, what do you hypothesize should happen to the masses of the mice in the two groups? .Mice w/Low Protein Diet (1 pt) Mice w/Normal Protein Diet (1 pt)
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