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Question: score 0 o 4 2 of 161 complotol score 403...

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Score: 0 o 4 2 of 16(1 complotol Score: 4.03%, 5 of 124 pts 3.3.5 Question Help Researchers measured the data speeds for a partioular smartphone caner at 50 airports. The highest speed measured was 74.4 Mbps The complete list of 50 data speads has a mean of x 15.63 Mbps and a standard deviation of s-17.65 Mbps a. What is the diference between camiers highest data speed and the mean of all 50 data speeds? b. How many standard deviations is that the dfterence found in part (ah c. Convert the camiers highest data speed to a z score d.tf wo ㏄nsder data speeds that convert to z scores between-2vd 2 to be n her signbarvey low ror sig tanny Ngh, ste arner, hugest dah- significant? a. The difference is Mbps Type an integer or a decimal. Do not round.) Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer
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