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Score: 0 of 2 pts 8 of 8 (0 complete) HW Score: 0%, 0 of 16 pts 9.2.31-T EQuestion Help hoices. An issue that faces individuals investing for retirement is allocating assets among different investment choices. Suppose a study conducted 10 years ago showed that 65% of investors preferred stocks to real estate as an investment. In a recent random sample of 800 investors, 336 preferred real estate to stocks (equivalently, 464 preferred stocks to real estate). Is this new data sufficient to conclude that the proportion of investors preferring stocks to real estate has declined from 10 years ago? Conduct the analysis at the α: 0.02 level of significance Conduct the ana joreal estae) s this neata ient In a recentrand Determine the null and alternative hypotheses. Select the correct choice below and fill in the answer boxes within your choice Type integers or decimals.) О с. Но, p HA PS HA P

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