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Section A: Driving Safely


1             Harry and Emma are both provisional (P plate) drivers and both weigh 60kg.

They both drink 6 standard drinks at the same rate over 3 hours.

            The formulas for calculating blood alcohol content are:



                                             BAC male  =10N-7.5H



                                              BAC female  =10N-7.5H


            where              N = number of standard drinks consumed

                                    H = number of hours drinking

                                    M = mass in kg


a)    Harry’s BAC (correct to 3 decimal places)

b)    Emma’s BAC (correct to 3 decimal places)

c)    How long Emma should wait before her BAC is zero so that she can legally drive herself home? Assume Emma’s BAC is reduced by 0.015 per hour.



2          Simon has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.085

His BAC decreases over time according to the linear function 

a)            Copy and complete this table of values correct to three decimal places using the given formula.

Time after drinking, H hours






Blood alcohol content, B








b)            Graph the linear function 

c)             What is the gradient of the line and what does it represent?

d)            Use your graph to estimate when Simon’s BAC reaches 0.02.


e)            Use the formula to find when Simon’s BAC reaches zero.


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