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security of your network. t you will Pecommend to ensure that users wi will supp nds-On Projects Hands-On Project 1-1: Assessing and Prioritizing Ris You have been hired as the security professional in your current work or school environment. Your department has experienced a recent breach within its data er DS-ON PROJECTS first step in a phased approach to hardening the network security. You have en delegated to lead this assessment. Research your organization or school to determine its database architecture. Write a paper describing your assessment be process. Include the following information in your paper: Define who would be included in the assessment of the database environment. . Identify the assets that you are protecting. . Define the threats you are protecting yourself against. likelihood and cost to the company. and 1 being the lowest). Using the following table, assign a risk value to each threat, based on its Prioritize your threats based on their risk value (5 being the highest risk

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