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Selfish people are only concerned with themselves and their own personal gain. Self-interested is when someone is motivated by their own personal advantage. Selfish and self-interested people are closely related, they both act on what they think will benefit themselves without regard to how it will effect others. I think selfish and self-interested people cannot be moral people all the time because they will go to any lengths to make good things happen for them. Acting prudently means that you are showing care and thought about your future. While acting morally is when you act on the principles of right and wrong behavior. Someone can act prudently and still be moral because while they are taking into consideration their future, they also can find a way to morally reach their goals. As humans, we tend to pick something that benefits our self-interest over morality. Being moral always is not in a person's best interest. For example, homeless or very poor people who steal food to feed themselves or their families is not morally right but if they didn't steal the food they would starve so acting moral in this situation is not also acting in their best interest. Being moral all the time can negatively affect a persons best interest.


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