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Question: serina day 2 after surgery laparscopy two ovarian cysts...

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Serina Day 2 after surgery (laparscopy : two ovarian cysts and endometriosis tissue been removed)

She complain pain from laparoscopic wound in your shift today. She said the pain feels hot, sharp, and very worse while ambulating.

Her Vital signs: BP 90/45 mmHg (lying down) (have IV Normal Saline 1000ml run from 8am to 1pm for 6hrs to help increase BP); HR:110, RR:25; SPO2 96%. Missing Temperture.

Laparoscopic one wound dressing slow persistent blood ooze since yesterday; another wound dressing is soaked, both dressing needed changes overnight. 

Her oral intake about 380ml (FBC since 00am to now 8am is negative 250ml), she said she is very thirsty and nauseous . 

1.   Question 1 Now in the beginning of your job, you have to define or outline systematic assessment and what assessment methods you used? explain why you have observations taken, and data collected ? what assessment infomation missing and need to be gained and how you gain this  information? what care plan you would apply?

2.      Question 2 At 1pm, you found out about 800ml NS still left in IV bag, what you need to do in next steps ? give two priority actions example and rationalise associated with the two potential complications to Serina.



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