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Question: set three chapter 6 section 1ht exercise 046 use the...

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Chapter 6, Section 1-HT,
Exercise 046 Use the normal distribution and the given sample results to complete the test of the given hypotheses. Assume the results come from a random sample and use a 5% significance level.
Test H0 : p=0.5 vs Ha : p>0.5 using the sample results p^=0.60 with n=25 Round your answer for the test statistic to two decimal places, and your answer for the p-value to three decimal places.
test statistic = ________________
p-value = ____________________
Conclusion: (Choose the answer from the menu)
Reject OR Do not reject H0.

Chapter 6, Section 4-D, Exercise 180
Use the formula to find the standard error of the distribution of differences in sample means, x¯1-x¯2. Samples of size 115 from Population 1 with mean 92 and standard deviation 14 and samples of size 75 from Population 2 with mean 78 and standard deviation 17
Round your answer for the standard error to two decimal places.
standard error = ____________ (the absolute tolerance is +/-0.01)

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