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Recall another notation for the natural numbers, N, is Z+. We similarly define the negative integers by: 2. Too, for any set A and a e R, define: and Let B={x: x E Z+ & x is odd } (Recall a number I is said to be odd if 2k +1 for some k e z) Assume Z is our underlying background set for this problem. (a) Write an expression for 3 + B in the following form: some conditions on χ hint: Write out some of the terms of B & see what happens term by term.

(b) Are B and 3 + B disjoint? Give some justification for your answer (you may write out the sets and explain your answer in words). Find a set C such that the collection (2,3+ B,C) of sets form a partitiorn for Z (c) Give some justification as to why this collection, with your chosen set, is actually a partition.

(d) Calculate (2 + B)B. You can show this symbolically, or write out the sets and the justify your answer in words

(e) Let D (0,1,2,3) (G) Find a number t Z such that t + (-D) Justify you answer D (ii) Calculate [1+C-D)]n D. hint: First determine & write out what 1 +(-D) is.

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