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Question: short answer questionread the questions carefully the length of your...

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Short Answer Question

Read the questions carefully. The length of your answers will be guided by the word count. You can place your answers below the questions.

1.             Describe what the term “Duty of Care” means for both employers and employees.(20-50 words)

2.             In the table below, provide the information to describe or explain the following items of WHS legislation.

Table 2 Explanation of the WHS legislation

WHS legislative framework

Fill in the blanks:

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the WHS Act)

The main object of the Act is to provide a framework:

·      to

·      to

WHS Regulation 2017

The WHS Regulation describes how:

·                     to

All workers:

·                     must

Codes of Practice

An approved code of practice is a





Standards include exposure standards, industry standards,

International standards and national standards.

Exposure standards aim:

·               to

Policies and Procedures

A WHS policy is a public statement that the commitment and intention by senior management is:

·               to

WHS procedures are detailed instructions. Two common WHS procedures include:




3.             Outline organizational WHS policies and procedures including those relating to risk management, fire, emergencies, evacuation, incident investigation and reporting.(each area to be addressed)

4.             Describe procedures for identifying hazards and assessing and controlling associated risks to health and safety, including the hierarchy of control. .(each area to be addressed)

5.             List two responsibilities of the PCBU in relation to health and safety in the workplace.(50-100 words)

6.             List two responsibilities of workers in relation to health and safety in the workplace.(20-50 words)

7.             What is consultation, and why is it important?.(20-30 words)

8.             List at least 3 methods you could effectively consult with your team making sure everyone understands?

9.             Why is it important to deal promptly with issues raised through consultation?.(20-30 words)

10.         Why would you need to document WHS information using the required format and industry-specific vocabulary?

11.         To whom should the workers provide their feedback?

12.         List and explain, in the correct order, the hierarchy of control. You may draw a diagram if you wish. (100-200 words)

13.         List three benefits of keeping risk assessment records

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