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short definitions of these lens 1. Write a kiloparsec f solar system k solstice b. light year g. constellation 1 celestial sphere q.geocentric model c. megaparsec h. star d. parsec i. galaxy e planetj. equinox u. ellipse v. Keplers 1t Law p. ecliptic m. north celestial pole r. heliocentric modelw. Keplers 2nd Law n south celestial pole s.retrograde motion x aphelion o. zenith t. sidereal period y perihelion (orbital plane). The directions to the constellations Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are shown by the arrows. Put your answers to parts (a)-(c) in the table below 2. Look carefully at the drawing of the Earths orbit around the Sun as seen from slightly above the ecliptic Pisces Sagittarius Gemini Earth orb f Virgo (a) What season will the residents of the Northern Hemisphere be experiencing at each of the four Earths drawn at A, B, C, and D in the orbit? (b) Imagine a tiny figure standing in San Francisco (that is, somewhere north of the equator) turning around with the Earth as it rotates on its axis. At points A, B, C, and D, will the night be longer, shorter, or the same length as the day? (c) Which of the constellations in the drawing will be easily visible in the summer? a. Seasorn b.Length of night e.Constellation visible (d) Are the seasons dependent on how close the Earth is to the Sun?
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