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Show all program for marking during lab. Create a C program to calculate the output voltage Yo of a RLC circuit according to the following formulas and condition for different inputs of frequency Q41) (a) Print the value of Vo according to following values and equation: Get value of frequency from user. Declare global variables Pi, Vi, L, C, R, f in your .c file. Take values of above variable as follows: PI 3.1415 Vi 5 volts L 4.3e-4 Henrys C 5.1e-6 Farads R 5 Ohms xc = 1/ (2 * Pl f*C) Where X Inductive reactance in ohms Frequency in hertz. Xc = Capacitive reactance in ohms Create header file in which Create two functions float xl0 and float xc) which return values of Xi and Xc in your c file. Use extern storage class to access global variable from .c file. (b) Output Vo must calculate and print at different frequency from 10 to 100 Hertz with in increment in 10 Get value of resistance R from user.
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