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In a balanced three-phase, 60 Hz system, the source is a wye configuration with ab = 2081-60 rms and connected to the load via a line impedance of 1.5 +j 1.5 Ω. Q16. The total load consists of 2 loads in parallel: Load 1 (Y) per phase: 5+j50 Load 2 (A) per phase: 12 +j 12 Ω Solve for phase A line current value (La, rectangular form) into the combined loads. A) 16, l cos(377t-31.07。) [A] B) 19.4 cos(377 t-31.7 LA] C) 22.8 cos(3771-1 35.0。) [A] D) 32.3 cos(377 1-135.0)LA E) none of the above 017. For the question directly above, what is the total average power being supplied by the source? A) 1937IVA] B) 1937 W C) 4015 [VARS] D) 5812 [W] E) none of the above

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