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9. Air density and Ideal Gas Equation A typical air density in English units has been given as0.075 lbm/n3. Verify this valuc at a. room tempcrature (75 F)and atmospheric pressure(14.7lb/in2) when the universal gas constant is R 1545llb mol) Please note that the molecular wcight of dryairis M 28.971b/lbmol and the idcal gas equation is pv-RT/M where v is specific volume(inverse of density What is the percent change inairdensity ifitstemperature is decreased to 32 F (freczing point of water) b. c. Repeat part b if its temperature is increased to 212 F(boiling point of water) d. What if the air pressure isdoubled? e. Dothe different temperature and pressure changes introduced in b. through d, effect theair flow rate calculations performed earlier in question 7. Explain. Repeat question e. for water knowing thatat 32 Fthedensity is62.421bm/m3 whileat 60°P and 100°F the values are 62.34 and 62.0, respectively. f.

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