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6. An important relationship for calculating the minimum work (meaning reversible or isentropic) of a i compressor or pump (all are machines that move fluids) with an inlet-to-outlet pressure ris e, ΔΡ2P2-P2, is If kinetic energy and potential energy changes are neglected, the specific work equation is converted to a power (hp, watts) equation by multiplying by mass flow rate e above equation can be simplified if the flow is incompressible, (e.g. water) or if the pressure rise is small (e.g. HVAC applications with air and Δp-0.1 to 5 inches of water). In both of these cases, the luid density is constant and can be taken out of the integral resuting in Power-mass flow rate x (P2-P1)/ density As a word of caution, when large pressure rises p f(P) to perform the integration. exists in compressible gases (air), then one must know a. Calculate the power (hp and kw) required to operate a 50 gpm water pump with a pressure rise ulating water in my swimming pool heater) What is the annual 50 psid. (this is the pump circ operating cost if electricity costs are $0.20/kW-hr? b. An HVAC fan that circulates 1500cfm of air through my homes ducting system has a pressure rise of 0.2 inches of water. Calculate the annual fan power consumption (after al I leave the fan running year round) and the annual ope rating cost at S0.20/kW-hr

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