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Kerri Reynolds, owner of Rose Red, operates a local chain of floral shops. Each shop has its own delivery van. Instead of charging a flat delivery fee, Reynolds wants to set the delivery fee based on the distance driven to deliver the flowers. Reynolds wants to separate the fixed and variable portions of her van operating costs so that she has a better idea how delivery distance affects these costs. She has the following data from the past seven months: EEB (Click the icon to view the data.) Read the requirements. Requirement 1. Determine the companys cost equation (use the output from the Excel regression). (Round the amounts to two decimal places.) Data Table Requirements Use Microsoft Excel to run a regression analysis, then do the following Month Miles Driven 15,500 17,500 4,400 16,400 16,900 15,300 13,500 Van Operating Costs $5,400 $5,350 $4,980 $5,280 $5,580 $5,010 $4,590 1. Determine the companys cost equation (use the output from the Excel 2. Determine the R-square (use the output from the Excel regression). What does 3. Predict van operating costs at a volume of 16,000 miles assuming the company January February March April May June. . July regression). Rose Reds R-square indicate? would use the cost equation from the Excel regression regardless of its R-square. Should the company rely on this cost estimate? Why or why not? PrintDoneShow all works thanks

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