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For the figure shown below, with a 2 m and b 3 m measured from the left hand side, and L- 8 m, width of beam is 70 mm., height is 150 mm., E-200 GPa, M-20,000 N-m, and F- 1,000 N, using singularity method. Reaction forces at location A and B are RA and RB respectively. L/2 L/2 (A) Derive an expression for load intensity as a function of x (A) RA(x)-2 F(x-b)2 M(x - L/2)-2+Rg(x -L)-2 (B) Rg(x)-1 F(x - b)2-M(x - L/2)-2RA(x -L)-1 (5 points) (D) RA(x)-1-F(x - b)-1- M(x -L/2)-2 +Re(x-L)- Assume that the load intensity function is Ra(x L/4)-2 - F(x - b)2+M(x L/2)-3+Rg(x -L)-2 (B) What is the shear force equation (A)-RA(x-L/4)-1 + F(x-b)-1-白(x-L/2)-2-RB(x-L)-1 (B) RA(x -L/4)-1 -F(x - b)-1 M(x -L/2)+RB(x - L)-1 (C) RA(x -L/4)-3-F(x -b)3- M(x - L/2)4+Rg(x-L) (D) -RA(x -L/4)-1 +Fx - b)-1- M(x- L/2)2 - Rg(x -L)-1 (5 points) Assume that the shear force equation is 5 points) c) What is the Bending moment equation (A) RA(x -L/8)1 -F(x -b) -M(x -L/2) +Rg(x-Ly (C) RA(x -L/8)-1 -F(x-b)-1- M(x-L/2)0 +Rg(x - L)-1 Assume that the bending moment equation is RA(x -L/12)-2-F(x -b)2-M(x-L/2)2+Ra(x - L)-2 d) What is the displacement equation 5 points) (B) [RA(x - L/12)-1+F(x -b)1+M(x - L/2)+Rg(x-L)CJ/E (C) [-RA(x-L/12)0 +F(x - b)0 + M(x-L/2)o - RB(x - LYO/E Show all your works.
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