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Suggested cutting conditions for mild steel with a carbide tool using cutting fluid: Finishing 0.015-0.094 0.005-0.015 550-700 Roughing 0.094-0.187 Depth of Cut (in.) Feed (ipr) Cutting Speed for mild steel (sfpm) 0.015-0.030 400-550 Source: Todd, R. H., D. K. Allen, & L. Alting, Manufacturing Processes Reference Guide, New York: Industrial Press, 1994. You need to turn a 12 long mild steel bar with a 3 diameter. The final diameter should be 2.54. Perform the turning operation in 2 passes -one for roughing and one for finishing (select an appropriate depth of cut for each pass). The speed will be 400 ft/min for roughing and 550 ft/min for finishing with a feed of 0.015 for both passes. Find a) the material removal rate for each pass, and b) the total machining time. 1. 2. You are given a 60 long, 3.5 diameter bar of aluminum. You need to reduce it to a 3.4 diameter over 10 of its length. The speed of the operation will be 360 ft/min and the feed will be.010 in/rev. Find a) depth of cut, b) cutting time, and c) the material removal rate.
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