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Show Me How On aruary 1, wea i, enson Carpar y ottaned S22.00 О, four year, 12% irtsiment note from Campbel Bank, The rote requies annual payments of $7,243, beginning on December 31, Year 1 a. Prepare an amortization table for this installment note, similar to the one presented in Exhibit 4 Note: Round the that the Carrying Amount zeroes out ofthe neret expe se to be neamt whole dollar. Enter al amounts as postive numbers. In Yer 4. round the amount in the Decrease -Anyable column either up or down to ensure Interest Expense (12% of January 1 Note Carrying Amount) Note Payment (Cash Paid) December January December 3 Decrease in Notes Payable b. Journalae the entries for the issuance of the mote and the four annual note payments 1 Dec 31 KPreviou
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