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b) A microprocessor has a 24-bit address line. The size of the memory contents of each address is 8 bits 8 bits. The memory space is defined as the collection of memory positions the processor can address. (6 pts) 0xC80000 What is the address range (lowest to highest, in hexadecimal) of the memory space for this oxC80001 microprocessor? What is the size (in bytes, KB, or MB) of the memory space? 1KB 210 bytes, 1MB 220 bytes, 1GB 230 bytes A memory device is connected to the microprocessor. Based on the size of the memory, the microprocessor has assigned the addresses 0xC80000 to 0xCBFFFF to this memory device. 0xCBFFFF o What is the size (in bytes, KB, or MB) of this memory device? o What is the minimum number of bits required to represent the addresses only for this memory device? c) The figure below depicts the entire memory space of a microprocessor. Each memory address occupies one byte. (12 pts) What is the size (in bytes, KB, or MB) of the memory space? What is the address bus size of the microprocessor? If we have a memory chip of 8 MB, how many bits do we require to address 8 MB of memory? We want to connect the 512KB memory chip to the microprocessor. Provide a list of all the possible address ranges that the 8 MB memory chip can occupy. You can only use the non-occupied portions of the memory space as shown below 8 bits

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