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Question: sickle cell anemia is an example of what may happen...

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sickle cell anemia is an example of what may happen: If there is not enough iron in the diet b) Hemolysis occurs fthere is not enough heme in the hemoglobin If the amino acid sequence of Hb is altered d) e) Hb doesnt bind too 29) the essential difference between a 2M and 34 degree burn is: between a 2nd and 3d degree burn is: The scar formation by the proteins of the skin Involvement of subcutaneous tissue oThe epidernal layers involved in the buns ) The region of the body surface involved d) e) Dependent on the nerve supply of different body layers ps that dampen the effect of the sympathetic stimulation of the heart are the effect 30) A group of drugs called: a) Atropines b) cholinergic blockers/Antagonists c) Cardio-decelerators d) adrenergic agonists e) Beta blockers Which blood pressure reading represents the pressure during ventricular relaxation: a) Systolic b) Diastolic c) Both Systolic and Diastolic d) Difference of the Systolic and the Diastolic pressures e) Mean arterial pressure during cardiac contraction 31) 32) The heart response of increased venous return is: a) Relaxed contraction b) Forceful contraction c) Normal contraction d) Increased heart rate e) All of the above
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