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sk Question 1.34 The order of presentation of activites on the statement of cash ow o aperting Inanding and investing Question 1.35 Onthe statemontor cash nows prepared by the nonct method, a$50,000 pin onthe ผǐeofinvestments would be. O added to net income in converting tfhe net income reported on the incoestiement to cash Nows from operaing adivities O deducled Iom dividends declsred in converting the dividends declared to the cash ws from fnanding acdivities related to divicdernds t Question 1.36 Coste that remain constant in total dollar amount as the level of activity changee are called o mand cents product costs Question 1.37 wnich or the tolowing ie most assoclated with financial accounting? O prepared in accordance with GAAP o can have both abjectlive and subjectve infarmmation o can be preparnd for the entity or segment k Question 1.38 Which of the tollowing ls moet associtated with manageriss accounting? O musl Iolow GAAP
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